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Elisabeth Morton

UNL - City Campus Rec
Lincoln, Nebraska
I'm one of those people who can just be hard to figure out I think. Or I just can't figure myself out, if you have any insight let me know.

My favorite color/flower is rose my favorite stone is rose quartz. My favorite number is 144. My favorite binomial is (x^2-c^2) also known as the simplification of (x+c)(x-c) also known as the difference between two squares. My favorite celebrity is Tim Curry. My favorite matrix is the R3 Identity matrix. My favorite letter is S. My favorite calculator brand is Texas Instruments my favorite TI model is the 89 titanium (though 84plus is a close second.) My favorite animal is the penguin. My favorite mathematical theorem is the fundamental rule of calculus (the integral of (the derivative of x) dx equals x.) My favorite onomatopoeia is murmur. If I were to be given the privilege to fly to the edge of the universe and document the journey (also being given insanely long life by relativistic means or whatever) and I could take one person with me living or dead (the dead person would somehow be reanimated) I would take Carl Sagan. (yes I did think of that all before hand though in a backwards manner of "How could I hear Carl Sagan's thoughts on the outer edge of the universe."

If you are actually still reading those are all true and I had identified most of them beforehand.